MOVE Agent (0 - 50 Pieces mailed weekly)

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Product Overview

MOVE Agent works with your ShelbyMAILROOM to correct your addresses via the National Change of Address database and CASS certifies them in one process.


  • Shelby GlobaFILE, Membership, Misc. Names and Addresses, or Prospects, and ShelbyMAILROOM
  • Internet connection

Note: Requires both a recurring annual subscription and processing fees for batches of addresses reviewed. You will be asked to complete a NCOALink Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) provided by the USPS prior to establishing your MOVE Agent account. 

Move Agent is offered as an annual subscription.  Move Agent Update credits (13,000) must also be included with the initial order ($65.00).  The update credits are $5.00 per 1,000 credits and additional credits can be purchased as needed.  The processing account is established with Satori Software. Note that MOVE Updates are consumed based upon the number of records reviewed, not the number of records updated.  For example, if you upload a mailing list with 1000 individual records and MOVE Agent indicates five changes, you will consume 1000 MOVE Update credits, not just five.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review
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