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Shelby v.5 Live Online Training

Shelby v.5 Live Online Training is a quick and effective way to get personal training with a Shelby trainer via the Internet and your phone line. With today’s online tools you can connect with a Shelby trainer for one to two hours of instruction on the modules or topics of your choice. The trainer views your screen and guides you step by step through your Shelby software or, with your authorization, takes control of your cursor to show you how to use Shelby more efficiently.  

  • Great when you need to receive just an hour or two of training.
  • Focus on the topics you need with a trainer interacting with you live over the internet and your phone.
  • Trainer sees your screen and can work with you live on your data.


Some of what our customers are saying about Live Online Training:

"Will contact training for more additional on-line training.   I am a believer in the on-line training for multiple reasons and am glad that Shelby offers it as one of the options.  Thank you!"

"We are grateful for your online training."