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Shelby v.5 Onsite Training

Our Trainer can come to your location, work with your data, and your team. You pick the dates that work best for your team members and work with your trainer to plan the content and schedule.

We offer Shelby v.5 Onsite Training at two different levels:

  • Master Training - Master Trainers have been certified after extensive testing and additional proven skills, including basic SQL knowledge. They can take you and your group to a more advanced level of use into the deep resources of Shelby software. All Donor organization training requires at least a Master Trainer.


  • Consultant Training - Shelby Consultants are a select group of trainers with the ability to analyze an organization's needs and provide operational solutions using Shelby software and other related tools. Our Consultants are certified in all Shelby modules and can expand a user's Shelby knowledge to produce special reports through Shelby Report Writer and Excel. All Shelby Headquarters training, implementation planning, and data consulting requires a Shelby Consultant.


* The cost for Shelby v.5 Onsite Training is the trainer's daily rate as outlined above plus travel-related expenses, i.e. airfare and rental car or mileage at the current IRS rate, lodging, and meals (not to exceed an average of $40/day). These expenses are payable to the trainer.

Note: Training is conducted during regular business hours on Monday through Friday. After hours and weekend training may be available with some independent trainers/consultants for an additional fee.

Some of what people say about Shelby v.5 Onsite Training - 

"Having a Shelby trainer onsite to address individual questions and work directly with our actual records is the best use of time.  We will definitely use this method of advanced training in the future." 

"The training was excellent, the trainer related well with the group. Even though a lot of material was covered in one day I did not feel exhausted or overwhelmed. The Shelby software is a wonderful tool for our organization."
"This training was very beneficial and helpful. We would highly recommend anyone getting a trainer to come on site and work through your church's structure."