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The Payroll module manages all aspects of your payroll including gross wage computation, calculation of necessary taxes, deduction withholdings, paycheck printing, Pastor of Clergy pay, and
government reporting management, including e-File.


Watch a short video here about the Payroll module. Start at 4:17 in the video.


This is an add-on module to Shelby Financials hosted (SaaS) software platform. This is a monthly fee. Implementation of this module can take up to 1 business day to be live in your active Shelby Financial software subscription. The Payroll module requires a minimum term of use. An order form will be sent to you for signature and payment through all major credit cards. The first months payment along with any training fees are required upon purchase, if included. This module requires an active Shelby Financials software subscription. If you do not have Shelby Financials software today, contact Shelby Systems at (800) 877-0222.


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